Poster – Pfanner juice
Banner – Pfanner juice
TV Spot – Pfanner juice
TV Spot – Pfanner juice
Billboards – Pfanner juice
Photography (Product ) – Pfanner juice ad campaign
Posters – Bandos Excursions
Banner – Café Al Fresco Loyalty Card Promotion
Annual Report – BML
Posters – Clean/Green Bandos
Corporate Identity – Westore
Package design – Food delivery
TV Spot – Voter Education
TV Spot – Voter Education
Card design – Café Al Fresco, Customer Loyalty Card
Corporate Identity – Saadha Ali, Fashion designer
Book – Public Awareness
TV Spot – Maldives College of Higher Education
Wall design – Juice Joint Interior Walls
TV spot – Anti Corruption
TV Spot – Anti Corruption
Corporate Identity – Sun Ocean, Tour Operator
Banner – Cafe’ Al Fresco Menu
Catalogue – Hotec, Hotel supplier
Booklet – Public awareness
Corporate Identity – Hotec, Hotel supplier
Corporate Identity – M&M Law Firm
Storyboard – TV Spot
Corporate Identity – Paradise Holidays, Travel Agency
Catalogue – GTS Maldives, Hotel supplier
Leaflet – Cafe’ Al Fresco Menu
Counter (cafe’) – Print design
Menu – Cafe’ Al Fresco
Poster – Implement Conventions on Human Rights!
Magazine and Newspaper Ads – Allied Insurance Company..
Brochure – Liveaboard
Company Profile – GTS Maldives, Hotel supplier
Poster – Environmental Awareness Concert
Photography – Lily Beach Resort & Spa
Photography – Veligandu Island Resort & Spa
Paintings (digital) – Veligandu, Resort Interior Display
Storyboard – Short film
Corporate Identity – Wasco logo design
Photography – Villa Hotel Resorts 2
Sign/billboard – Toy Store
Bag Design – Maldives Tourism Promotion Board
Leaflet – Allied Insurance Company
Brochure – Seafood Supplier
Paintings (digital) – Conrad Maldives Rangali, Resort Interior Displays
Photography – Villa Hotel Resorts 1
Storyboard – TV Spot
Storyboard – TV Spot
Corporate Identity – GTS Maldives, Hotel Supplier
Brochure – Bandos Island Resort
Photography – Bandos Island Resort & Spa